Chapter 5


We suddenly dropped out of hyperspace without warning Tar and Dalamar were flung forward into the bulkhead a suffered bad concussions, luckily Echuu and I were seated in the cockpit and everyone else aboard were seated so were unhurt MK1ZT goes to work on Tar and Dalamar but they are going to be out for a while.

I run a scan to see what caused us to fall out of hyperspace and pick up a ship on the long range sensors its emitting an energy field that i have never seen before but Echuu recognises it he says he help design a weapon that can stop a ship in hyperspace and pull back into normal space he says its an Indictor class ship, I decide to give them a wide birth and use the planet they are orbiting to hide us from thier sensors we use the time to explain to our passengers the situation, they were all in agreement we must go back to Dantooine and try to rescue Glitzium we come up with a plan head back to Dantooine and land using the Remmy Marie leaving young Humper to keep an eye on Tar and Dalamar plus our green friends on the outskirts of the system.

Echuu R1 and myself get permission to land from the port authority under the impression we are on a days shore leave after numerous security checks we land at hanger bay D12 where we are met by 2 protocol droids they are very helpful and get us a cab to Wytangy brewery, when I was there before I got the impression they may know something about Glitzium or the Rebels but we have to be careful they could be helping the Empire hunt down the Rebels.

we get R1 to make a scan of the building he detects multiple people and some weapons inside as i might be recognised Echuu goes in looking to get a brewery tour hes gone about 10 minutes then he comes and tells me it seems all clear as we go in the man behind the counter stares at me he leans over and says your with the Rebels? I reply what if we are hes then says were Rebels he seems very happy to see us and then says we have a stormtrooper tied up out back we have been questioning do you want to see him? we agree and he takes us out the back between two cooling stacks there is a false panel behind it is a stormtrooper manicaled to a chair which has been bolted to the floor the trooper is saying that there’s an Inquisitor on his way to Dantooine he is already in the system and knowes all about the Rebel base i was not sure he was being truthful so i used the force on him and found out everything he had said was lies the Empire had no idea there is a Rebel cell working on Dantooine and the Inquisitor was not real just a story made up to scare people into following the Empire before I could get anymore out of him he groaned in pain and slumped over I think the stress from the force may have killed him never mind one less bucket head to worry about.

The brewery owner’s son bursts in we have a message from Glitzium she managed to get off world a couple of days ago dressed as a protocol droid shes safe, now I’m thinking the droid C12 D9 we took on board last time we were here could be who we are looking for but Echuu removed the power cell and then all this happened, Echuu completely oblivious to whats going on sees the power generator the brewery is using is not working properly he then goes on about boosting the power output and our new friends seem very eager for his help, it doesn’t take long and Echuu has it purring like a baby womprat the Rebels are so happy they give us a crate of ale and give us a lift back to the ship we store the crate aboard the ship and contact Humper look at the droid we brought aboard last time we were here is there a woman inside the shell after a few mintutes the comms lights up boss there is a woman inside shes very pretty boss but shes asleep take her to MK1ZT and get her checked out we’ll be back soon.

The comm goes off boss boss the doctor droid says she needs to go in the bacta tank but we have run out of bacta fluid he says he can rig up something but its only got a 50% chance of working what shall I do I tell him to go for it and we’ll see if we can find some bacta fluid and bring it back, we go and speak to the droid outside and he takes us to the Sorasub Corporation there we get 50lt of bacta fluid and Echuu comes up with the idea of getting another droid he has been going on and on about it all day he asks the droid if they have any droid parts so he takes us to a facility that can give us a load of MK1 parts for free as they are taking up warehouse space we also buy some upgrade parts to give our medical facities a boost we return to the ship after a number of security checks we finally get to see this mysterious woman.

she is still asleep but now we have the bacta fluid she should make a full recovery looking at her in the tank one second she has long brown hair and brown eyes then she has short black hair and one eye appears green and the other purple I ask MK1ZT what he makes of it but all he can tell me is she has something strange going on with her DNA then the alarms go off I run to the bridge there’s 6 TIE fighters on a direct course for us it appears we’ve out stayed our welcome.


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