Chapter 4





Species:  Verpine

Home Planet: Roche Asteroids (Nickel One)

Echuu Thorn memory log, 27183

Basic Knowledge of Echuu Thorn, Verpine.

******* *** ** **********







Y / N









So we are on our way back from our clients’ location and the cab we are in (Dalamar, me and Hanabal) plumet to the ground. There is no skidding or sliding just a drop and a stop. On the display board a message appears saying that the police are on their way and we are to remain calm and to stay calm. I’ve been in this situation before and last time it didn’t end well so I am not going to let this happen again. While Dalamar is shouting at the vehicle I reach for the emergency access panel and quickly rewire it for the doors to open. We scramble out and the doors slam shut again. I hear more shouting and as I look I see Dalamar still in the cab demanding for the doors to open.

The sirens are coming closer so un-regretting me and Hannibal make a run for it, back to the ship and work out our next move.

When we get back, Tar has already loaded the creates on a repolsar transporter. Lets just do the delivery and then figure out how to get Dalamar.

OK so we are just outside the clients location, only meters above the water and I’m tring to figure out a way of how we are going to lift the crates up about 15 meters in the air. I hear thee most worst comment come from Tar. “I want to know what is inside before we deliver”.


We are out in the open, just outside the clients property and now he wants to look inside. NO lets just do the delivery and get out of here, besides who know if its dangerous. We would have no where to run to if we got into trouble. Hannibal speaks out saying that there are humanoids inside. Well that seemed to have made Tar’s mind up and turns around to go back to the Hounds Tooth. I’m sorry but this is not what we do…

We must do this delivery so I have a scrapple with Tar, in our brawl I break his grappling hook and it drops in the water but he does make it back.

I’m not happy about this but we are back in the ship now so I might as well see what I can do. It seems like I had thought about it for to long as Tar had already opened the creates. We get MK1ZT to scan them and it confirms they are all ok and are just in hyper sleep.

I remember we had a much smaller box which we used to put the 3D battle chess on. With a small bit of tinkering I can open the box. It opens and it is beautiful inside, it’s clean, shiney and all in order.

It must of been the shiny bits that attracted Tar to it. Upon inspection Tar believes them to be flutes and tries to play one. He just managed to make himself look silly. With a strange attitude he slams it back and it must of knocked a sensor. Tamper lock down is activated and the whole thing locks up.

Later on Hannibal speaks to the authorities to try and find out where Dalamar is. He arranges a meeting with some one so I tag along for support.

We are about to be led to Dalamars’ cell and little Humper contacts me. He seems to be acting very strange, slurring his words and complaining he feels dizzy and sick. I’ll let Hannibal collect Dalamar while I go find out what is wrong with Humper.

When I get back to the ship I find Humper propped up against my door with what looks like Tars’ drinking bottle. The silly fool has got drunk. Time to get MK1ZT to sober him up. I go back to my room and inside there is a total mess. The smell is like Tars’ breath as well as now Humpers breath. I get R1 to help me to remove the brewery that has been installed inside my room. Later that evening Hannibal returns with Dalamar who, what looks like was give a sedative, is taken to his room to sleep it off. MK1ZT awakens a humanoid, It turns out to be female. She is very scared and frightened. I try to calm her and tell her the situation as to who I am and where she is. I find out that this person Glissxiom, is helping them.  I think I saw a smile when that name was mention but that went quickly and was concerned to how long she had been out of hyper sleep.

Tar and Hannibal arrive back to the ship very rushed, to be honest I hadn’t noticed they had left, and they’ve brought along the protocol droid. I think it said its name was C1ZD9. Apparently he is joining our crew.

I’ve had my eye on him for a little while and very quickly power him down. Now I was going to dismantle it and upgrade our gear but the information it has could be very valuable so just a simple re-program should do.

At least it will give us information much more freely now.



The force is strong in me. That’s what I think anyway. And so it was that I noticed the Ehumper, Young Humper, has indeed reached a point that I must step in with his use of the replicators. I did the “suit test” and low and behold he couldn’t get into his vac suit. I explained the errors of his way and began training him hard. I have sparred with him and I am afraid that he may have picked up some advanced, and very lethal, moves that a young man should not know until they are better mentally disciplined. Couldn’t be helped and I will remedy it over the next few months.

Dantoine is indeed a beautiful place and after Dalamar became implicated and we lost him to the police administration we found ourselves in a quandary with the cargo that he was to deliver. I then found that the cargo and client where unknown! Something felt wrong, when it feels wrong it’s usual the dark side which means the Empire!

After some confusion with a protocol droid, who we later “freed” into our service”, we found ourselves trying to deliver the cargo. But I didn’t feel comfortable and after some scans considered that the cargo wa indeed sentient. I couldn’t leave it to chance that all would be “ok”. I opened the cargo and found not one but 5 Irienians! Incredible. And they also carried some strange batons or sword’s which projected lasers!

Unfortunately I had to end the life of an evil agent of the empire called Barez. I then turned the five Tie fighter strong force to the beach where I was trying to rendezvous with the rebellion people smuggler. But I saw a shadow upon the dealings and after discussing the agent, Glixiom, with a Correlian ale trader at the White Anjri Brewery my mind was made. I would return to the ship and open all the cargo holders. This Glixiom was clearly some sort of body snatcher or some such. Later I will run the information past the protocol droid and through the databases and past Dalamar.

Hannibal carried out some insane piloting and we escaped the Dantoine system with the 5 new passengers, green skinned Irenians with small wings. I have decided, because of their lightsabers and the goodness I feel flowing through them that they are Jedi. Much to learn from them I have, probably

Now we find ourselves in the Dagaba system. The best place to hide when the force is strong. The life on the planets of this system should hide us well whilst we continue to attempt to find the real rebellion and our place in it.



Dalamar’s taxi suddenly loses power and comes to a heavy landing on the road while Dalamar try’s to get the power back Echuu gets the door open and him and I escape only to realise the closed behind us and now Dalamar is trapped we then hear sirens getting closer its Dantooine’s security Echuu and I have to make a run for it leaving Dalamar to be arrested we get back to the Hounds tooth to find Tar is awake and after we fill him in we make a plan to deliver our cargo.
As we arrive at the drop off point We have a problem our transport rig will not reach the loading dock, Tar decides we have to look at the cargo before we deliver it so he opens one of the crates to find a small green skinned humanoid inside in hibernation after a small altercation with Echuu Tar gets us back to the ship it’s decided to wake the alien and find out what’s going on, I get the job of contacting the security to find Dalamar, and it’s just our luck the Empire has just taken over all security for the planet I speak to an Officer who confirms that Dalamar is in custody and I can come bail him out which I do without incident Dalamar is now sleeping the affects of the stun gas off in his quarters. Meanwhile Tar has contacted Glichum our client who’s cargo we have and who desperate to get to Glichum Tar sets up a face to face meeting with Glichum to confirm the details and to make sure our green friends are not falling into the hands of the Empire.
While Tar goes to meet Glichum I am dropped off to arrange some cargo the deal is done then Tar come speeding up on the bike in the distance I can hear TIE fighters Tar shouts to me to get on the bike and we speed back to the ship where he tells us the Glichum was really a Imperial agent who wants to capture our cargo turns out they are strong with the force and are trying to get to the rebellion. When we get back to the ship C12D9 is in the docking bay we tell him we have a major containment breach and need to leave the surface to avoid to avoid a disaster he give us permission to leave so long as he can come with us, we get aboard and I power up the ship and manage to get off the surface without any imperial entanglements and make the jump to light speed we are heading for the Degobar system beyond the outer rim we should not have any trouble from the Empire while we decide what we do next.

On the way Tar wants to look in the mysterious cargo crate we used as our chess table it contained six Metal cylinders with a belt hook at one end and a switch on the side when Tar pressed it he nearly cut young Humper  in half they seem to be some sort of energy sword Tar decides dismantle one to see how it works I have a bad feeling about this.



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