Chapter 5


We suddenly dropped out of hyperspace without warning Tar and Dalamar were flung forward into the bulkhead a suffered bad concussions, luckily Echuu and I were seated in the cockpit and everyone else aboard were seated so were unhurt MK1ZT goes to work on Tar and Dalamar but they are going to be out for a while.

I run a scan to see what caused us to fall out of hyperspace and pick up a ship on the long range sensors its emitting an energy field that i have never seen before but Echuu recognises it he says he help design a weapon that can stop a ship in hyperspace and pull back into normal space he says its an Indictor class ship, I decide to give them a wide birth and use the planet they are orbiting to hide us from thier sensors we use the time to explain to our passengers the situation, they were all in agreement we must go back to Dantooine and try to rescue Glitzium we come up with a plan head back to Dantooine and land using the Remmy Marie leaving young Humper to keep an eye on Tar and Dalamar plus our green friends on the outskirts of the system.

Echuu R1 and myself get permission to land from the port authority under the impression we are on a days shore leave after numerous security checks we land at hanger bay D12 where we are met by 2 protocol droids they are very helpful and get us a cab to Wytangy brewery, when I was there before I got the impression they may know something about Glitzium or the Rebels but we have to be careful they could be helping the Empire hunt down the Rebels.

we get R1 to make a scan of the building he detects multiple people and some weapons inside as i might be recognised Echuu goes in looking to get a brewery tour hes gone about 10 minutes then he comes and tells me it seems all clear as we go in the man behind the counter stares at me he leans over and says your with the Rebels? I reply what if we are hes then says were Rebels he seems very happy to see us and then says we have a stormtrooper tied up out back we have been questioning do you want to see him? we agree and he takes us out the back between two cooling stacks there is a false panel behind it is a stormtrooper manicaled to a chair which has been bolted to the floor the trooper is saying that there’s an Inquisitor on his way to Dantooine he is already in the system and knowes all about the Rebel base i was not sure he was being truthful so i used the force on him and found out everything he had said was lies the Empire had no idea there is a Rebel cell working on Dantooine and the Inquisitor was not real just a story made up to scare people into following the Empire before I could get anymore out of him he groaned in pain and slumped over I think the stress from the force may have killed him never mind one less bucket head to worry about.

The brewery owner’s son bursts in we have a message from Glitzium she managed to get off world a couple of days ago dressed as a protocol droid shes safe, now I’m thinking the droid C12 D9 we took on board last time we were here could be who we are looking for but Echuu removed the power cell and then all this happened, Echuu completely oblivious to whats going on sees the power generator the brewery is using is not working properly he then goes on about boosting the power output and our new friends seem very eager for his help, it doesn’t take long and Echuu has it purring like a baby womprat the Rebels are so happy they give us a crate of ale and give us a lift back to the ship we store the crate aboard the ship and contact Humper look at the droid we brought aboard last time we were here is there a woman inside the shell after a few mintutes the comms lights up boss there is a woman inside shes very pretty boss but shes asleep take her to MK1ZT and get her checked out we’ll be back soon.

The comm goes off boss boss the doctor droid says she needs to go in the bacta tank but we have run out of bacta fluid he says he can rig up something but its only got a 50% chance of working what shall I do I tell him to go for it and we’ll see if we can find some bacta fluid and bring it back, we go and speak to the droid outside and he takes us to the Sorasub Corporation there we get 50lt of bacta fluid and Echuu comes up with the idea of getting another droid he has been going on and on about it all day he asks the droid if they have any droid parts so he takes us to a facility that can give us a load of MK1 parts for free as they are taking up warehouse space we also buy some upgrade parts to give our medical facities a boost we return to the ship after a number of security checks we finally get to see this mysterious woman.

she is still asleep but now we have the bacta fluid she should make a full recovery looking at her in the tank one second she has long brown hair and brown eyes then she has short black hair and one eye appears green and the other purple I ask MK1ZT what he makes of it but all he can tell me is she has something strange going on with her DNA then the alarms go off I run to the bridge there’s 6 TIE fighters on a direct course for us it appears we’ve out stayed our welcome.


Chapter 4





Species:  Verpine

Home Planet: Roche Asteroids (Nickel One)

Echuu Thorn memory log, 27183

Basic Knowledge of Echuu Thorn, Verpine.

******* *** ** **********







Y / N









So we are on our way back from our clients’ location and the cab we are in (Dalamar, me and Hanabal) plumet to the ground. There is no skidding or sliding just a drop and a stop. On the display board a message appears saying that the police are on their way and we are to remain calm and to stay calm. I’ve been in this situation before and last time it didn’t end well so I am not going to let this happen again. While Dalamar is shouting at the vehicle I reach for the emergency access panel and quickly rewire it for the doors to open. We scramble out and the doors slam shut again. I hear more shouting and as I look I see Dalamar still in the cab demanding for the doors to open.

The sirens are coming closer so un-regretting me and Hannibal make a run for it, back to the ship and work out our next move.

When we get back, Tar has already loaded the creates on a repolsar transporter. Lets just do the delivery and then figure out how to get Dalamar.

OK so we are just outside the clients location, only meters above the water and I’m tring to figure out a way of how we are going to lift the crates up about 15 meters in the air. I hear thee most worst comment come from Tar. “I want to know what is inside before we deliver”.


We are out in the open, just outside the clients property and now he wants to look inside. NO lets just do the delivery and get out of here, besides who know if its dangerous. We would have no where to run to if we got into trouble. Hannibal speaks out saying that there are humanoids inside. Well that seemed to have made Tar’s mind up and turns around to go back to the Hounds Tooth. I’m sorry but this is not what we do…

We must do this delivery so I have a scrapple with Tar, in our brawl I break his grappling hook and it drops in the water but he does make it back.

I’m not happy about this but we are back in the ship now so I might as well see what I can do. It seems like I had thought about it for to long as Tar had already opened the creates. We get MK1ZT to scan them and it confirms they are all ok and are just in hyper sleep.

I remember we had a much smaller box which we used to put the 3D battle chess on. With a small bit of tinkering I can open the box. It opens and it is beautiful inside, it’s clean, shiney and all in order.

It must of been the shiny bits that attracted Tar to it. Upon inspection Tar believes them to be flutes and tries to play one. He just managed to make himself look silly. With a strange attitude he slams it back and it must of knocked a sensor. Tamper lock down is activated and the whole thing locks up.

Later on Hannibal speaks to the authorities to try and find out where Dalamar is. He arranges a meeting with some one so I tag along for support.

We are about to be led to Dalamars’ cell and little Humper contacts me. He seems to be acting very strange, slurring his words and complaining he feels dizzy and sick. I’ll let Hannibal collect Dalamar while I go find out what is wrong with Humper.

When I get back to the ship I find Humper propped up against my door with what looks like Tars’ drinking bottle. The silly fool has got drunk. Time to get MK1ZT to sober him up. I go back to my room and inside there is a total mess. The smell is like Tars’ breath as well as now Humpers breath. I get R1 to help me to remove the brewery that has been installed inside my room. Later that evening Hannibal returns with Dalamar who, what looks like was give a sedative, is taken to his room to sleep it off. MK1ZT awakens a humanoid, It turns out to be female. She is very scared and frightened. I try to calm her and tell her the situation as to who I am and where she is. I find out that this person Glissxiom, is helping them.  I think I saw a smile when that name was mention but that went quickly and was concerned to how long she had been out of hyper sleep.

Tar and Hannibal arrive back to the ship very rushed, to be honest I hadn’t noticed they had left, and they’ve brought along the protocol droid. I think it said its name was C1ZD9. Apparently he is joining our crew.

I’ve had my eye on him for a little while and very quickly power him down. Now I was going to dismantle it and upgrade our gear but the information it has could be very valuable so just a simple re-program should do.

At least it will give us information much more freely now.



The force is strong in me. That’s what I think anyway. And so it was that I noticed the Ehumper, Young Humper, has indeed reached a point that I must step in with his use of the replicators. I did the “suit test” and low and behold he couldn’t get into his vac suit. I explained the errors of his way and began training him hard. I have sparred with him and I am afraid that he may have picked up some advanced, and very lethal, moves that a young man should not know until they are better mentally disciplined. Couldn’t be helped and I will remedy it over the next few months.

Dantoine is indeed a beautiful place and after Dalamar became implicated and we lost him to the police administration we found ourselves in a quandary with the cargo that he was to deliver. I then found that the cargo and client where unknown! Something felt wrong, when it feels wrong it’s usual the dark side which means the Empire!

After some confusion with a protocol droid, who we later “freed” into our service”, we found ourselves trying to deliver the cargo. But I didn’t feel comfortable and after some scans considered that the cargo wa indeed sentient. I couldn’t leave it to chance that all would be “ok”. I opened the cargo and found not one but 5 Irienians! Incredible. And they also carried some strange batons or sword’s which projected lasers!

Unfortunately I had to end the life of an evil agent of the empire called Barez. I then turned the five Tie fighter strong force to the beach where I was trying to rendezvous with the rebellion people smuggler. But I saw a shadow upon the dealings and after discussing the agent, Glixiom, with a Correlian ale trader at the White Anjri Brewery my mind was made. I would return to the ship and open all the cargo holders. This Glixiom was clearly some sort of body snatcher or some such. Later I will run the information past the protocol droid and through the databases and past Dalamar.

Hannibal carried out some insane piloting and we escaped the Dantoine system with the 5 new passengers, green skinned Irenians with small wings. I have decided, because of their lightsabers and the goodness I feel flowing through them that they are Jedi. Much to learn from them I have, probably

Now we find ourselves in the Dagaba system. The best place to hide when the force is strong. The life on the planets of this system should hide us well whilst we continue to attempt to find the real rebellion and our place in it.



Dalamar’s taxi suddenly loses power and comes to a heavy landing on the road while Dalamar try’s to get the power back Echuu gets the door open and him and I escape only to realise the closed behind us and now Dalamar is trapped we then hear sirens getting closer its Dantooine’s security Echuu and I have to make a run for it leaving Dalamar to be arrested we get back to the Hounds tooth to find Tar is awake and after we fill him in we make a plan to deliver our cargo.
As we arrive at the drop off point We have a problem our transport rig will not reach the loading dock, Tar decides we have to look at the cargo before we deliver it so he opens one of the crates to find a small green skinned humanoid inside in hibernation after a small altercation with Echuu Tar gets us back to the ship it’s decided to wake the alien and find out what’s going on, I get the job of contacting the security to find Dalamar, and it’s just our luck the Empire has just taken over all security for the planet I speak to an Officer who confirms that Dalamar is in custody and I can come bail him out which I do without incident Dalamar is now sleeping the affects of the stun gas off in his quarters. Meanwhile Tar has contacted Glichum our client who’s cargo we have and who desperate to get to Glichum Tar sets up a face to face meeting with Glichum to confirm the details and to make sure our green friends are not falling into the hands of the Empire.
While Tar goes to meet Glichum I am dropped off to arrange some cargo the deal is done then Tar come speeding up on the bike in the distance I can hear TIE fighters Tar shouts to me to get on the bike and we speed back to the ship where he tells us the Glichum was really a Imperial agent who wants to capture our cargo turns out they are strong with the force and are trying to get to the rebellion. When we get back to the ship C12D9 is in the docking bay we tell him we have a major containment breach and need to leave the surface to avoid to avoid a disaster he give us permission to leave so long as he can come with us, we get aboard and I power up the ship and manage to get off the surface without any imperial entanglements and make the jump to light speed we are heading for the Degobar system beyond the outer rim we should not have any trouble from the Empire while we decide what we do next.

On the way Tar wants to look in the mysterious cargo crate we used as our chess table it contained six Metal cylinders with a belt hook at one end and a switch on the side when Tar pressed it he nearly cut young Humper  in half they seem to be some sort of energy sword Tar decides dismantle one to see how it works I have a bad feeling about this.


Chapter 3


After losing contact with Humper and R1 and Tar chasing off after them Echu and I get back to the ship to find Dalamar is awake. We get him up to speed on the situation and use Humper comm link to track him he far out in the desert finding our Jawa friends still in town we procure three speeder bikes and set off in chase.

Once we get within sensor range we see that two IMP prison transports is where the comm signal is coming from, using his bike as a missile Dalamar takes out the transport without Humper aboard, the first transport now gives out a warning “do not approach within 1.5 kilometres of this transport or we will open fire” while Echu goes after Dalamar I decide to slow the transport down by pushing within the 1.5k suddenly a laser blast explodes near my position I take evasive action against transports turret opens fire I’m lucky their such bad shots but my distraction works and Echu manages to get Dalamar on the back of the transport he then brings the craft to a halt by cutting the power.

Opening the prison section we find Humper and R1 inside we manage to get the droid secured on Echu’s bike and Dalamar stops the crew from getting out I’m not sure how but there was a medium sized explosion the came from the crew section.
I carried Humper on my bike his arm was wounded in the crash so was Dalamar’s we’ll the med droid to patch them up when we get back to the ship. The rider back to town was mostly uneventful but I did manage to bag me a womp rat it took two shots but their not much bigger than 2 metres, lucky I did to when we got back to town we were stopped by a white bucket patrol we used womp rat hunting as the reason we were out they believed us and let us go.

After getting Humper and Dalamar fixed up we had to find Tar, so we made our way to the canteena there we managed to get a load for transport to Dantooine, find out the control towers nephew is wanted by Jabba the Hutt and someone called Breedo told us Han shot first not sure what that means but what the Hell.

No closer to finding Tar someone suggested tracking him with his comm link we used a scan of the planet to find where the signal was coming from, it’s a large building way out in the desert so we come up with a plan get our cargo and passenger trick the droid into sedating the nephew and taking him to Jabba for Tar or at least the bounty, the works a treat we see Jabba get back Tar and 5000 in credits for the trouble then we’re off the Dantooine.

We land on this paradise planet much different from Tattooine, we’re greated by 2 protocol droids Echu’s face lit up and he started trying to convince one of them to help him build his own droid, he was refused.

Dalamar using the details from our cargo made contact with our client who Echu and him went to meet I took the bike and followed back a bit incase they got in trouble but it went without a hitch and we returned to the ship  to find an inspection crew there waiting to inspect our cargo Dalamar had told them we were looking to fill our cargo hold and no cargo would leave the ship when we landed so this could be a problem.

After our inspection we had to come up with a plan so we could off load our goods without drawing suspicion, now the port control had a detailed list of our inventory Echu said he could wipe all the manifest details of all the ships in Port, if it worked we could unload our cargo get paid and the port control need never know.

Echu set about wiping the manifest of every ship in dock and making it look like a computer problem, shortly after we get a message from Port control telling us until further notice the port was closed nobody in or out, the controller then calls Dalamar on the comms and tells him he hopes to have us inspected again in about three days this is not ideal but we could turn it to our advantage we’ll have to see.

PASSWORD:   *******
ADMIN OVERIDE KEY: ************
PASSWORD: *******
PASSWORD: **************
It seems that my attempt to help the group and clear all the incoming and outgoing manafests onboard all ships may have caused a bigger problem than I thought.
It seems that not only did I clear all that infomation, I have deleted all other records aswell. I just hope it was only my details that were deleated. I would not like to think what would happen if I had erased Tar, Hanabal and Dalamar’s personal reports.
Well I will do a quick brief of what had happend after my last report, then I must getback and find out how much data I can recover before anyone else finds out.
we found out where the droid and Humper were being taken, so I traded 300 credits for 3 imperial bikes but with a promise that we would return 1 bike when we got back.
Me and Hanabal follow Dalamar, no idea what happened to Tar, we lost him in the crowd getting back to the ship.
no problems chasing down the imperials who took our comrades.
Dalamar uses his bike as a missile to hit the first imperial transport.
As I drive past Dalamar, from where he jumped off, I clasp his hand.
Now normally I would have swung him round onto the back or the bike and carry on going but I some how knew that’s not what needed to happen. Something came over me and instead I grabbed his hand and used the momentum to propell him to the second transport. He landed with impicaple accuricty, he landed perfectly.
I then kept my distance and let Dalamer do his thing….
Moments later I recieve a message stating that R1X9 is back online.
Whatever Dalamar did it worked.
When all was clear I secured R1X9 to the front of the bike, however this ment I could only use one hand to steer the bike as the other was holding down the magnegtic switch holding the droid on.
What a sight we must of been, Dalamar on the back of the bike, just about holding on due to hurting his arm. a droind on a makeshift magnetic holding platform and me using only on hand to steer the bike tring to get back to the ship.
Hanabal takes point on the way back and encounters a whomp rat, his first shot misses and angers the rat even more, he takes a second shot and this time its a hit.
I was going to get involved and help but Dalamer convinces me otherwise.
On the wat back in some guard try to stop us however Hanabal and Dalamar are verry cunning and manage to convince the guards to let us pass.
After returning the bike and getting 100 credits back the first thing we do is get Humper checked over by MK1Z. Atlast all is well.
Now where is Tar.
Dalamar recomends looking in the bar so that’s what we do.
After a small discusion we find nothing on Tar however the traffic controller’s relative, we do find infomation on him. There is a bounty on his head, and now we know why he wanted to move him quickly and quietly. The bounty was put on him by some one called the Hutt, no idea but sounds like a person not to be messed with.
Returning back to the ship Hanabal said it,
“why not try his comms link with R1X9”
How silly could I have been not to try that.
R1X9 finds his location on the planet not far from where we cought up with the imperial transports.
While the others are chatting to the traffic controller and arranging what to do next me and R1X9 manage to rig the twin ion engines from the tie fighter to our own enging, see it as a very quick getaway on short bursts.
later that day after we are all loaded with our new passanger Hanabal does a sneeky manouver where he left orbit just enough to get out of sight on radar and then returns to the planet much closer to this Jabber the hutt character.
I’m glad Dalamar is awake because his cleaver thinking manages to trade Tar for this person we were supposed to get off planet.
Now we are on Datoine because of another deal that was made at the bar.
and now after a couple of complications we are in this situation where I now need to fix my problems quick before anyone finds out.