Chapter 1 – The Empire trembles!

Tar’s Log I

Standing in front of me is an Imperial Major. His grey suit and stoic standing denote him as such. And me, Tharrick Solarburn, a bounty hunter of the empire, wearing my signature armour and wrist rocket loaded and ready to hunt. After years of being the pacifist vowing never to be in such a situation here I am again. But I’m jumping ahead of myself.

Tharrick Solarborn is a lost soul. Tharrick or Tar to those who know him better sits drinking away his sorrows and trying to forget his violent past in the local cantina. Tar has a disheveled look to him, black trousers, blue shirt and an old leather jacket. He armed with a sonic pistol. Tar helps with any loading and off loading of goods from ships, body guards or is known to doorman now and then. Tar’s been in and around town for the last few years and gets by quietly avoiding getting too involved in anyone’s business.

Tar is a bounty hunter, but after a particularly horrific job involving innocents for the Empire decided that enough was enough and became inactive. Now he remains quite the pacifist or at least uses non-lethal means to resolve matters. Sealed in a box, dug into the ground under an old rug in his “room” at the back of the bar his past calls to him. Sealed in the trunk is his hunting armour and weapons. He just doesn’t feel like he’s had the calling. Nothing has awoken him. But day to day the Empires villainy chews at his soul and deep inside him an anger is building.


Tar’s Log II

Having spent a few days loading up a ship for Echuu I started to think that I had dwelled at the bottom of a bottle for long enough. Those terrible things that I witnessed by the Empire could be stopped. That’s when I met Dalamar.

Dalamar has grand plans and I think he has an excellent point. We can blow holes all over the vile rule of Vader and the Emperor.

So I dug my storage crate out and began to consider donning my armour once again. But this time things will be different. I am setting myself some important rules. I only wished I had some spiritual leader or some such to guide my hand further. So I’ve settled on these so far.

I – Protect the weak and innocent

II – Never take the life of another

III – Nurture the good in people

I think it’s a fair start and there is lots of room to maneuver as I found as I sat on my storage crate on the landing pad of the Agricultural world that we found ourselves. Dalamar was sticking out like a sore thumb and tried with little success to hide as a storm trooper patrol started towards us from another platform.

Lucky for Dalamar and Echuu I was quick on my comm link and remembered some protocol from my Empire days. The Storm troopers were off to another platform.

There was a series of interesting events, sadly I can’t remember all of them as I had to have a swift drink of my gut rot (I’d already installed a still on Echuu’s ship the Hound’s Tooth, in his quarters in fact.)

So there I stood. My dark wavy hair bustling in the wind, brown eyes dull, my best brown leather jacket, black trousers and blue shirt and all this with only 4 days stubble. I looked the part. I was ready for adventure.

Then Dalamar and Echuu were running back towards the platform and the Hounds Tooth was coming in for a rough landing.We jumped in, it was then I noticed that Dalamar was wearing an Imperial Lieutenants uniform, noooo must be the booze.Luckily rot gut hones my piloting skills and I uniquely jumped the gigantic hulk of the Hounds Tooth from the system. The Hounds Tooth is a veritable junker. If any more pieces fall off we’ll be spaced for sure. But I’d forgotten to put in the navigation points! After a quick blag to Dalamar and Echuu we found ourselves on an unusual equatorial space station (later we found that it was a Palaptin quarantine type affair).

We met a fine young lad, he reminded me of a little brother I’ve never had. He announced he had brought a requisition with him and announced he was Ethumper, so Young Humper joined us too! We cheered we had a runaway and a cabin boy. Things could only get better.

So we found that the space station was quarantined for some flu like reasons, all rubbish we’re sure. We discovered a rather important ship was docked and aboard a Moff! And a second class one at that. On further inspection I found that the ship was full of giant cats! (don’t let them hear you say that).

I felt that the time was right. I put on my armour and Dalamar and I hatched a plan. We will march on board, find out important information, rescue / kidnap whom ever is onboard and escape, perhaps only with knocking out a few Catchuans.

Well I suppose we’ll see……..


Echuu’s Log



***** ***********








******* *** *******




Additional Details:

I’m not quite sure about this group. I don’t know if they accept me for who I am or just need a ship and a quick get away.

It feels a little strange not being with the hive but I’m sure I’ll manage.

They seem to act very strange when questioned or approached by the emperial troops. Maybe they do not like the helmets they wear which is quite understandable. Only small tonight as I have taken on a young apprentice who seemed very happy to help with repairs my ship.

Further updates to follow with more detail.


















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