Chapter 2


Looking up to the barricade of space stations that ensure the Quarantine Zone is enforced a chunk of the space station has sustained some fire and a lone Tie Fight, docked on that piece of the station has clearly fired and released the section to an alternative orbit. Looking closer holding to the outside of the Tie Fighter, wearing his bounty hunter vac suit is Tharrick Solarburn. Zooming in and looking through his visor we can see his eyes are shut and blisss is on his face. His left hand holds onto the Tie Fighter and attached to his outstretched right arm running eight metres along a cord we see Echuu in his vac suit magnetically attached to the cord and clutching in his arms the stasised body of Dalamar his arms outstretched as though feeling the rain on a rainy day. Except this is all happening in an orbit around the quarantined planet and rising behind this strange picture is a Lambda Class ship. It jumps and Tar’s eyes open…How do they get in these positions…….


Dalamar and I contuined down the corridor in our pursuit of the Moff and seeking some major confrontation action with the Catuchan’s. Sadly as is always the case it was not meant to be. Before I could react Dalamar slipped into a side door, it shut, the light went red then off and that was that. I made some attempts to ensure his safety and Echuu confirmed he was indeed in a state of stasis of some sort.

I decided to proceed and passing down the corridor spotted some poor chap manacled and being beaten by two catuchan warriors. I wasn’t about to let this chap, whoever he was, be beaten and tortured. I confronted the kittens, that’s how I envisaged them in my mind, just little kittens. I shouted at the 8 foot tall monster cat hamnoids (kittens theyre just kittens) “stop”.

They turned to me and as they did I tried to project a visual image with my body language of there first conflict and I succeeded in shaking them. They hesitated. This gave their prisoner a chance to lash out which he did kicking one hard to the foor, strong despite being manacled I thought. As the second Catuchan turned back to its prisoner I struck him hard with my palm of sleep. To strong. His face split open at the front from the force and a tiny trikle of blood showed the line that had opened. He dropped dead over his comrade. I relaeased the prisoner and we ran.

There was a fair amount of confusion over ship here but it appeared once we were back on the Hounds Tooth that a Lambda class ship was leaving the station and turning its guns on the station. I advised Young Humper to suit up in a vac suit, he was so excited to have his own vac suit. I also issued him to go the THE escape pod and to jettison if things get hot.

Quite suddenly a Tie fighter docked not far away also opened up its weapons on the station and the section that contained Dalamar and the Tie was docked on broke free and started drifting. Just then I heard Young Humpers escape pod jettison. Things were getting worse, how!!

I had a swift drink and then took to the pilot control. I spoke to my new friend Hannibal and showed him where to get some gear. We also ascertained we could get his ship on board the Hounds tooth if we can reach it. I tried vainly to rip the Hounds Tooth from the station and ram the Lambda. This went horribly, the Lambda Class opened up her laser, and everything went black.

I awake with Hannibal clearly in control of the situation I quickly fell in line and went to a port so that I could have a go at saving Echuu and the unconscious Dalamar who were now, for whatever reason floating in space not far from the Tie. We also wanted the Tie Fighter, fair salvage that….

I stood looking out into space. The jump was impossible, I closed my eyes and it made no sense to reopen them. I must trust in myself and the force. Surely with such a righteous effort against the Imperium I would be guided. And I was asI embraced the darkenss of space I drifted, no, flew towards the Tie Fighter, shot my magnetic grappled and in one fluid and beautiful moment found myself in the position as above.


It is so good to be back out of the haze of alcohol and into the sharp pin point vision of hunting. The Lambda class ship jumped. I collected some strange black shadow that wafted into the ship in a vac cyclinder. Then we were chasing the Lambda class ship.

We chased it through the universe to some back water planet, or so it seemed, but in orbit around the planet and shuttling in and out of it’s one starport were hundreds if not thousands of ships. Constantly jumping in and out.

We quickly found a place to set down in Mos Eisley space port on the back water planet of Tattytitty or some such thing. No Tattooine. That was it.

We chopped up the Tie Fighter, found a buyer some interesting little mechanics and droid merchants who used intonations of “hooeenie” to communicate. WE traded the Tie Fighter, in parts, for an old R1 unit we named R1-Z1 and a sorely needed medical unit we called MK-1Z.

I found out that the biological container that I had was infact an assassin demon. We found this out from the clean smooth interior of the medical and science facility run by the Ithorians. They really knew there stuff and offered me cash but I wanted to know first what we were dealing with. The assassin once released would not enter back into the cyclinder. I ordered him and felt that same strange feeling I had felt in space. This could be something those old religions talk about, The Force.

It was then that we heard from Young Humper. Imperials and closing on our ship. I told him to run alas he was caught or maybe hidden in a container and taken by the Imperials. Echuu, the fool, told the R1 unit to follow, he’s new to us and had no stealth program and was quickly captured.

I now find myself stalking the Stormtroopers through the crowds of Mos Eisley. I must retrieve our property. But more importantly, Young Humper who I feel a growing bond with, he’s like a little brother.


Hannibal Ferris

After years working as a pilot and running small salvage company making a good living, I crossed paths with a group called the syndicate and then everything went to Hell now I find myself alone trying to scrape a living finding scrap.

After docking my ship with their station I was escorted to a small room in which they asked me my reasons for being in their sector of space, when I told them I was only looking for resupply and would pay for anything they could spare this seemed to enrage them the next thing I know I’m shackled to a wall being beaten by 2 Catchuans.

I remember thinking how the Hell do I get out of this I’d been in trouble before but this time I was on my own or so I thought, after about 6 hours I heard a voice shout STOP and Catchuans look round to see a large figure in a Vac suit stood in front of them, this was my chance I used all my strength and kicked out at the closest guy sending him face first into the floor, his colleague turned to see what had happened and was taken out with one blow his lifeless body falling on top of his stunned comrade who couldn’t move under his weight, my new would be friend then released me and got me to a docked ship he was shouting into a comm link something about shutting down the hanger bay but everything was going so fast I needed a few moments to compose myself.

It seemed we were in the stations ops deck and his shipmates were trying to stop a shuttle from leaving, the next thing I knew he was telling me to put on a vac suit and shouting at someone on the comms to get into an escape pod then the station began to shake, the shuttle had opened fire on us then I heard a large explosion and my new friend was flung across the room and knocked out I managed to keep my footing and help him up dazed he said we need to make it to his ship so we raced to the hanger bay and made it aboard the shuttle had stopped shooting and was moving away then it was gone jumped into hyperspace.We then had to find a way of rescuing his 2 shipmates.

Now we were on his ship we could see the station was coming apart the was o section of hull adrift with a TIE fighter still docked, my ship had been set adrift and was out of harms way Tar as I now know him said we need to move the ship to pick up that TIE and my fiends I volunteered to pilot the ship while he pulled his shipmates to safety.

Unfamiliar with the ships controls I slightly over shot the mark but Tar was great he managed to grapple on to his friends and pull them in. We then recovered the Remmy Marie and the TIE picked up the escape pod.

After getting to know my rescuer’s friends Echu a insectoid and his apprentice Humper it was decided to vent the ship to space after concerns about a strange gas that might have gotten on board were raised the crews Captain seemed to be in hibernation but nobody knew why we then jumped after the shuttle.

We came out of hyperspace at a planet called Tattooine a planet in the outerim it’s not somewhere I have been before but needing to make repairs we had little choice but to land.

It was decided that a TIE fighter was not the best thing to had aboard so Echu and Humper started stripping it down while Tar and I went to find somewhere to trade the parts and to get the gas sample Tar had recovered checked out who knows it could be valuable.

Our first obstacle was the security but Tar handled them like a pro and even got them to look the other way for a bottle of his best gut rot, that gave us time to trade the TIE parts for a couple of droids R1 X9 a old but functional Astromech and a medical droid MK1Z

While Echu was completing the trade Tar and I got the gas analysed it was something called a Smoke demon very dangerous unless you are strong with force.

Concerned that the ship may have not been purged of alk the demons Tar contacted Humper just as Echu arrived Humper ran a scan on the ship that brought back a strange reading but before we could get to the bottom of it stormtroopers arrived and we lost comms with Humper and R1 X9 racing back to the ship Tar was just in time to see the IMPS taking away a crate and our newly acquired droid.









Y / N









I witnessed a strange human behavior today. I believe Dalamar was sleeping, I have never seen a human do this before and from my observation, looking through the monotor screen of Dock Bay 426, it looked very comefortable. My theory of the was not long lived as I had Tar questioning me with regards to his health status. It was only upon closer inspection that we realised Dalamar we in a stacus pod. Still, very percular…

Tar seemed very intrigued with these, so called cat people, and had asked me to be ready to space flush them into orbit should it be needed.

I’m sure simply talking would had surficed but not everyone seems to be as understanding as us Verpine.

It was parent that there was a prisoner on board and from the beating these cat people were giving him he was not going to live for much longer. I witness Tar with much luck, knock the two cat people unconscious. He unchains this man and helps him out of the Hanger Bay and they head for the Hounds tooth. I on the other hand must now open compartment X5391 and get Dalamar back to the ship. How hard can that be, simpley log into the security mainframe, disable security and unlock the doors to get Dalamar out.

It was going to work fine if I had remembered one tiny little thing. ONLY unlock personel doors and not unlock all doors. This then made it a little more difficult as ships drifted of into orbit. I got Dalamar OK though. For some strange reason the ship that Tar rescued the hostage from was firing irradically at the station. With a little bit of convincing I managed to get the ship to stop firing at me.

That didn’t stop them firing at my beloved ship though did it.

I quickly log into the docking list to find the next nearest ship to me, hay presto its a Tie fighter right next door.

I briefly  leave Dalamar where he is, besides he’s not going anywhere. and with out thinking, I bolted to the ship, get in,quick power up, turn the ship aroung and shoot at the engines of those stupid cats’ ship, which would shut the power down on their ship and stop the firing.

That would of worked perfectly if I had remembered to unlatch the docking clamps. In return I did not turn and instead blew a large hole the hanger bay. This unfortunate event then led into Dalamar floaring out the large hole I had created and heading for space. Tar seems to be very quick with his reactiong as I then see him jumping out of the Hounds tooth, shooting the grappening gun and making it latch to my newly aquired large belt buckle.

That stupid ship that fired at us had turned and shot off into space. we were all ok and had aquired a Tie fighter and a new human.

Now.. with some slight calculations I think I can get us to follow that ship. I know the trajectory but not the lengh of time the traveled on it.

We decide to travel the same path as best as we can, deciding as a team we stop off at a planet which we think is our location.

This planet is busy…

I think it was called Tatooinne, however I could be mistaken, I’ve never been here before so I don’t know.

We found a free dock and I had requested to land. The traffic controller spoke in a strange toung. Thankfully the desplay console translated for us, we were told it was free to enter but 500 credits to leave. Being a quick headed thinker I managed to barter and reduce the cost to 250 credits only on a deal that we would that this person’s nephew with us when we left.

At a reduced cost of course I took the offer.

Apon docking Tar was speaking to security whilst me and young Humper were stripping the Tie fighter down for trade.

Ofcourse I kept the twin ion engine and the fusion reactor for ourselves.

Tar told us we had a buyer for the ship and that we had to strip all codes off the Tie fighter before we traded. Seemed a little silly to me but if thats what the buyer wanter, so be it.

NOW, I think I hit jackpot. this gentleman we saved, Hanable he wasn’t happy with the amount we were going to recieve for the trade so we managed to get a stunning medic droid and an astromeck.

Both seemed to have thier memory drives cleared but they don’t know who they are dealing with, I’m Echuu and I know what I’m doing. Nether the less we didn’t find out much.

We named the medic droid Mark, and the astromeck was named R1X9.

Humper took them back to the ship but on the way mark didn’t seem to like his name and changed it to MK1Z. Doesn’t bother me, don’t understant why they need names but what ever.

Well i think thats about it.

Ooh there was something about some smoke demon but I can’t remember.

I still can’t understand why droids need names.

until next time.

















This is Echuu!

.Echuu Verpine
Species:  Verpine
Home Planet: Roche Asteroids (Nickel One)
Echuu Thorn memory log, 26953
Basic Knowledge of Echuu Thorn, Verpine.

Biology & Appearance:
Verpine were thin bipedal insectoids, standing 1.9 meters tall on average. Their heads were dominated by large, black, compound eyes. They also had two antennae, one located behind each eye. Their hardened carapace, composed of a green chitinous substance called carahide, was as flexible as the skin of other creatures, yet tough enough to deflect a blade or even absorb a glancing blaster bolt. The Verpine circulatory system did not contain a heart — at least, not an organ which Human physiologists would identify as a heart.

Verpine eyes were keen enough to pick out microscopic details. Their antennae contained tympanic nerves which picked up sound. Their antennae were also sensitive to radio waves, giving Verpine the natural ability to sense and transmit radio waves to communicate with another Verpine in their language over long distances. Some observers mistook this nearly instant, silent communication for true telepathy.

Society & Culture
Verpine had variable naming customs. Some had single names such as Fxz’et, Zix, Ss’s, or Moegid. Others had first and last names such as Kuli Ned’lx, Kyli Ned’Ix, or Osos Niskooen. Many, though not all, Verpine names contained sibilant consonants and glottal stops.

Verpines were also known to make highly sought after weapons such as the Verpine Shatter Gun, the Verpine Headband, and the Verpine Prototype Shield.

The Verpine people did not evolve in the asteroids of the Roche System. Each inhabited asteroid was only made livable through the creation of artificial, self-sustaining environments in the interior.

The Verpine were a peaceful people, expert arbitrators who preferred compromise to conflict. The large insects had long been a spacefaring race and had colonized the Roche asteroid belts before the Old Republic was born.

By the time of the Jedi Civil War, the Verpine were part of the Galactic community. High-quality Verpine-manufactured items ranging from ion blasters to cardio-regulators were widely used.

In later years, Verpine engineering was exemplified by the starship manufacturer Slayn & Korpil, which built the famous V-19 Torrent starfighter for the Galactic Republic and theB-wing Starfighter for the Rebel Alliance. Their shipbuilding skills were attributed to the need to produce vessels which could safely navigate the Roche asteroids.

During the Galactic Civil War, the Verpine were openly sympathetic towards the Rebel Alliance. However, they did not officially join the Rebellion as a whole, partly due to their natural pacifistic idealism, and partly due to the Imperial “advisors” posted in their system.

During the Second Galactic Civil War, the Verpine accused the people of Murkhana of breaking trade agreements by producing technology similar to theirs. They signed a non-aggression pact with the Mandalorians because of their fear that the Mandalorians would expand their borders once again and invade Verpine territory. The treaty was simple: the Mandalorians would supply their best export, military strength, while the Verpines would supply defense technology and quality control.

Verpine in the Galaxy
Many of the Verpine who left their home system found work as starship technicians. Most of them met with success, though some of them would get in trouble for continually making unauthorized, sometimes dangerous, “improvements” to the equipment they maintained. Others used their experience with Verpine communal decision making to act as professional arbitrators and negotiators.

Party Role. Armour/Gunner

Easily Distracted by technology
Attribute Dice:

Combat: 3D

Force: 3D

Knowledge: 4D / 5D

Perception: 4D

Physical: 3D

Technical: 5D

Searching: 6D

Astrogate: 6D

Darkside Points: 0

Force Points: 3

Wound Status: 3

Special Abilities:

Body Armor: The Verpine’s natural chitinous plate armor gives them a +1D bonus against physical attacks.
Microscopic Sight: +1D bonus to search when looking for small objects, due to their highly evolved eyes.
Organic Telecommunication: Because Verpine can send and receive radio waves through their antenna, they have the ability to communicate with other members of their species and with specially-tuned comlinks.


Light brown trousers, Tinker tools utility belt, Ion Blaster, Credits 1000, Ship (Hounds Tooth)


Boot laces, Belt with large buckle

Chapter 1 – The Empire trembles!

Tar’s Log I

Standing in front of me is an Imperial Major. His grey suit and stoic standing denote him as such. And me, Tharrick Solarburn, a bounty hunter of the empire, wearing my signature armour and wrist rocket loaded and ready to hunt. After years of being the pacifist vowing never to be in such a situation here I am again. But I’m jumping ahead of myself.

Tharrick Solarborn is a lost soul. Tharrick or Tar to those who know him better sits drinking away his sorrows and trying to forget his violent past in the local cantina. Tar has a disheveled look to him, black trousers, blue shirt and an old leather jacket. He armed with a sonic pistol. Tar helps with any loading and off loading of goods from ships, body guards or is known to doorman now and then. Tar’s been in and around town for the last few years and gets by quietly avoiding getting too involved in anyone’s business.

Tar is a bounty hunter, but after a particularly horrific job involving innocents for the Empire decided that enough was enough and became inactive. Now he remains quite the pacifist or at least uses non-lethal means to resolve matters. Sealed in a box, dug into the ground under an old rug in his “room” at the back of the bar his past calls to him. Sealed in the trunk is his hunting armour and weapons. He just doesn’t feel like he’s had the calling. Nothing has awoken him. But day to day the Empires villainy chews at his soul and deep inside him an anger is building.


Tar’s Log II

Having spent a few days loading up a ship for Echuu I started to think that I had dwelled at the bottom of a bottle for long enough. Those terrible things that I witnessed by the Empire could be stopped. That’s when I met Dalamar.

Dalamar has grand plans and I think he has an excellent point. We can blow holes all over the vile rule of Vader and the Emperor.

So I dug my storage crate out and began to consider donning my armour once again. But this time things will be different. I am setting myself some important rules. I only wished I had some spiritual leader or some such to guide my hand further. So I’ve settled on these so far.

I – Protect the weak and innocent

II – Never take the life of another

III – Nurture the good in people

I think it’s a fair start and there is lots of room to maneuver as I found as I sat on my storage crate on the landing pad of the Agricultural world that we found ourselves. Dalamar was sticking out like a sore thumb and tried with little success to hide as a storm trooper patrol started towards us from another platform.

Lucky for Dalamar and Echuu I was quick on my comm link and remembered some protocol from my Empire days. The Storm troopers were off to another platform.

There was a series of interesting events, sadly I can’t remember all of them as I had to have a swift drink of my gut rot (I’d already installed a still on Echuu’s ship the Hound’s Tooth, in his quarters in fact.)

So there I stood. My dark wavy hair bustling in the wind, brown eyes dull, my best brown leather jacket, black trousers and blue shirt and all this with only 4 days stubble. I looked the part. I was ready for adventure.

Then Dalamar and Echuu were running back towards the platform and the Hounds Tooth was coming in for a rough landing.We jumped in, it was then I noticed that Dalamar was wearing an Imperial Lieutenants uniform, noooo must be the booze.Luckily rot gut hones my piloting skills and I uniquely jumped the gigantic hulk of the Hounds Tooth from the system. The Hounds Tooth is a veritable junker. If any more pieces fall off we’ll be spaced for sure. But I’d forgotten to put in the navigation points! After a quick blag to Dalamar and Echuu we found ourselves on an unusual equatorial space station (later we found that it was a Palaptin quarantine type affair).

We met a fine young lad, he reminded me of a little brother I’ve never had. He announced he had brought a requisition with him and announced he was Ethumper, so Young Humper joined us too! We cheered we had a runaway and a cabin boy. Things could only get better.

So we found that the space station was quarantined for some flu like reasons, all rubbish we’re sure. We discovered a rather important ship was docked and aboard a Moff! And a second class one at that. On further inspection I found that the ship was full of giant cats! (don’t let them hear you say that).

I felt that the time was right. I put on my armour and Dalamar and I hatched a plan. We will march on board, find out important information, rescue / kidnap whom ever is onboard and escape, perhaps only with knocking out a few Catchuans.

Well I suppose we’ll see……..


Echuu’s Log



***** ***********








******* *** *******




Additional Details:

I’m not quite sure about this group. I don’t know if they accept me for who I am or just need a ship and a quick get away.

It feels a little strange not being with the hive but I’m sure I’ll manage.

They seem to act very strange when questioned or approached by the emperial troops. Maybe they do not like the helmets they wear which is quite understandable. Only small tonight as I have taken on a young apprentice who seemed very happy to help with repairs my ship.

Further updates to follow with more detail.